AMC Director Alastair MacCallum was pleased to have the opportunity to share his thinking’s at the recent Future Directions Outlook Forum on how to Build Cohesive Neighbourhoods. Each of the 4 speakers including Ben Ponton, Gemma Wawn and Sonia Dalitz had views that aligned. For Alastair it was all about blending the Cool Little Capital with Old School Cool, bringing young and old together at a neighbourhood level with the redevelopment of the local shops and immediate surrounds.

There are already vibrant and successful examples of this at Crace and Denman which have successfully delivered genuine housing choice. If we can replicate these ideas across the ACT we will facilitate locals ageing within their community as they downsize into new, more convenient and lower maintenance housing in and around the core of each suburb allowing larger properties to be recycled for new young families who in turn keep schools viable, play in the parks and support their local business.

As a city we have always been good at opening up new fronts but now we need to get better at appropriate infill – building that missing middle, making better use of limited land assets while developing at a comfortable scale that does not detract from Canberra’s charm and individuality as the bush capital.

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