Luke Stanton - Director | Project Leader

Luke is a talented Interior Designer with significant experience in workplace, retail/hospitality, medical and residential design. He has been responsible for a wide range of government, commercial and institutional projects from conceptual design through to detailed documentation and delivery. Luke has been part of the AMC team from its inception in 2000 however he has also benefited from 3 years in London where he worked on a number of exciting and high-profile projects. He has a proven track record of creating striking interior spaces while being cognisant of the commercial imperative.

Luke’s most significant projects include:

  • Microsoft, Barton
  • Lockheed Martin, Kingston
  • Meyer Vandenberg Lawyers, Civic
  • Goodwin Village, Farrer
  • NMA Temporary Gallery Refurbishment, Acton
  • Adaptive Reuse, 219 Northbourne Avenue, Turner
  • ACCC National Accommodation Rollout
  • Comcare National Accommodation Rollout
  • Facilities and Services Fitout, Innovations Building, Australian National University
  • Attorney-General’s Department Fitout, Melbourne
  • Red Bull Headquarters, London
  • Sony BMG Headquarters, London
  • Macquarie Bank Fitout, City West
  • AFMA Fitout, Canberra City
  • Equinox Business Park, Deakin
  • DEWR Fitout, Brindabella Business Park
  • Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Fitout, Barton
  • Hellenic Club Auditorium & Function rooms, Phillip
  • Manuka Oval Redevelopment and Grandstand, Forrest

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