EDI Asphalt Plant, Hume

  • EDI Asphalt Plant, Hume
  • EDI Asphalt Plant, Hume
  • EDI Asphalt Plant, Hume
  • AMC-Industrial, Bulky Goods-EDI Asphalt Plant, Hume

About the Project

Client: Downer EDI Works
Size: 2,700m²
Cost: $6M
Date: 2011

This prominent industrial facility is located in the Monaro Industrial Park on the Monaro Highway, approximately 15 kilometres from the Canberra CBD. The site has an area of 21,175m². originally developed by Downer EDI Works (DEW) in 2011, AMC were engaged to develop a number of masterplan configurations to determine a preferred operational layout which allowed efficient work flows while accommodating the 3 main components of the facility including the plant itself with its tank farms and cold storage bins, a 650m² office building and a 800m² high-clearance warehouse as well as associated civil works including drive through access for trucks, a car parking area, a wash down bay with triple interceptor, a pond for surface run-off, with a treatment filtration system to meet onerous environmental standards. AMC then developed a detailed design concept which sought to create an attractive character for the administration building which was then reiterated in the warehouse and other associated utilitarian industrial structures on site.

Purpose built as an asphalt plant, DEW has invested heavily in the installation of a Swiss-built, Amman asphalt plant system and associated equipment and the property now enjoys an asphalt production capacity of 240 tons per hour with a design life of plus 40 years. The development with its blue chip tenant, DEW, currently provides an essential service to the ACT and surrounding regions which when combined with the stringent environmental controls required to obtain an equivalent EPA permit for an asphalt plant securing the investment long term.

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