About the Service

AMC Services - Holy Family Primary School, GowrieSince its inception in 2000 AMC have been involved in the design of a wide range of education-based projects including child care, primary, secondary and tertiary projects for organisations such as the Australian National University, Catholic Education Office and ACT Government along with community based and private sector operators.

Education design in the 21st century is dynamic and new pedagogy drivers are infleuncing the education design including the demands by parents that education work for all children, the increased push for accountability from education officials, the information and communication revolution, new research and a greater understanding of the way that we learn as children and adults and changing employment patterns in a global economy. A key component of the education journey is the development of socialistion skills – human development as well as intellectual development. Schools need to be permeable places which encourage student activities in the community. We are now in a post-knowledge economy where information is a global commodity and the new currency is creativity and there is a multiplicity of pathways to learning.

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