Industrial, Bulky Goods

About the Service

AMC Services - Industrial, Bulky Goods. Special Purpose Aircraft Facility, Canberra AirportIndustrial, bulky goods and retail buildings types are designed to accommodate a structured working environment with a heavy reliance on machinery and technology or for efficient storage and retailing of products that are both large in size and volume . Well laid out work areas and circulation spaces are critical to the efficient and safe working environments. Such buildings need to be cost effective in terms of the structural and construction systems employed while achieving an attractive appearance commensurate with their use and public presence. Efficient site servicing, loading dock arrangements, and parking are also critical considerations with such developments. AMC have broad experience in a range of industrial and bulky goods developments and derive satisfaction with achieving fit for purpose solutions that assist their clients improve operation and business outcomes in the short and longer term while benefiting from an asset that will retain and indeed grow in value over time.

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