Urban Design + Masterplanning

About the Service

AMC Services - Urban Design + Masterplanning. Bonner Mixed Use Development, BonnerWherever possible, AMC enjoy assisting their clients with their property needs at a strategic level, establishing masterplan concepts that provide a robust framework for future development over time. A good masterplan, informed by a thorough and strategic briefing process, allows stakeholder and community buy-in from the project outset, takes account of all site opportunities and constraints, allows a staging strategy to be developed, supports a more seamless authority approvals process and allows finer grain elements such as the urban and landscape design strategy to be implemented from the project outset. AMC has been responsible for developing masterplans for a broad range of private sector, institutional and government clients and often progressed to design the buildings associated with such projects. AMC are collaborators and like to work with town planners, valuers, real estate agents, landscape architects, engineers and artists to achieve integrated and compelling masterplan solutions.

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