We partner with clients to deliver projects of lasting value. With a diverse portfolio that spans a broad range of building typologies, our award-winning, Canberra-based practice delivers projects locally, nationally and overseas.


Established in 2000, AMC Architecture was established by Founding Directors Alastair MacCallum and David Cook with the specific aim of providing a more personalised service to Canberra-based clients and achieving successful design outcomes by striking the right balance between innovation and the commercial imperative. These guiding principles have endured, with the practice today led by a motivated team of Directors who are actively involved in every project ensuring our clients receive the highest level of service and a successful project outcome. 


Our practice comprises a versatile and enthusiastic team of design professionals including architects, interior designers, draftspersons, undergraduates and administrative staff.  We harness the collective energy, creative expertise and combined experience of our team to challenge preconceptions, explore and test design possibilities to deliver considered, holistic and high quality built environments.  

Our Purpose + Values

To create enduring and compelling built environments that strike the right balance between innovative design and the commercial imperative.

Trusted Partner

We care about maintaining trusting, long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, people, project teams and the broader community.  As a “safe pair of hands” delivering successful project outcomes, we foster partnerships through honest, open and reciprocal communication, following through on our commitments with integrity to provide the highest level of service.

Balanced View

We care about finding the balance between high quality, innovative design solutions and the commercial imperative. We apply a practical approach to all aspects of our business and services that is underpinned by skilful management, design leadership and a comprehensive technical understanding.

Strategic Approach

We care about achieving considered, holistic and responsible outcomes. We harness our collective expertise to actively engage in a collaborative, rigorous and integrated design process, exploring and testing ideas to deliver pragmatic solutions.

Our Services

We offer an integrated design service that leverages our in-house expertise to produce well-rounded, innovative yet pragmatic outcomes. Drawing upon the skills and experience of our interior design and architecture teams, we collaborate with our clients to create compelling and engaging design solutions.


Through a rigorous, iterative design process we combine conceptual and strategic thinking to create responsible development masterplans and considered, innovative architecture that contribute to, and enhance the built environment and support communities.

Interior Design

We create flexible, engaging and dynamic interior spaces by simultaneously considering internal space planning, the building form, behaviours, technology and other key design elements to achieve interior environments that are compelling, cohesive and comfortable.