AMC was initially engaged by Air Services Australia to finalise a functional design brief and prototype design for all future Category 7 and Category 10 Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) stations across Australia. Subsequently, AMC was engaged to design, document and deliver a new purpose-built ARFF Station at Perth International Airport. The new Station compound is approximately 8,300m² and houses administrative, training, support and ablution facilities, mechanical workshop and a Fire Control Centre over three storeys. The facility was the first designed to accommodate Fire Tenders capable of dealing with the new Boeing A380 aircraft with their significant additional height.  The building was initially designed to achieve a 5 Green Star Rating and has set a new environmental standard for new ARFF stations across Australia, commensurate with similar initiatives being undertaken by the airline industry.

Following the success of the ARFF Station in Perth, AMC was engaged to develop a prototype modular design for fire stations at airports in remote locations, including Gladstone and Newman. The design concept envisaged that the administrative functions of the building be constructed from modular units allowing the fire station to increase category with ease and ultimately be uncoupled and relocated to other new fire stations as required. The Fire Tender vehicle bays are to be constructed as self-contained modular structures which could be later used as small aircraft of hangars.  AMC continued our involvement with ARFF stations through the refurbishment of the ARFF Station at Canberra International Airport in 2019.


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